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A new paper was published in Biomaterials

New paper published in Biomaterials, entitled “Patterned, organoid-based cartilaginous implants exhibit zone specific functionality forming osteochondral-like tissues in vivo”, demonstrating organoid-based osteochondral implants with zone-specific functionality! You can check it out here.
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A new instructive video by KU Leuven

A new instructive video on the manual operations and protocols necessary for microaggregate and microtissue formation was developed by Prometheus, KU Leuven. This will help conosrtium partners to standardise operations and procedures across labs. In addition this is a training video addressing shortcomings of lab work during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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The proof of concept of the project was published in Advanced Science

Two weeks before the start of the JointPromise project, the lead partner’s scientific work that forms the proof of concept of the project, was published in Advanced Science (  This publication, together with the start of the project, has attracted substantial regional and national media attention in Belgium (in Dutch).[...]
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